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Peer grading is a process whereby students are required to grade some of their peers’ assignments as part of their own assignment. Peer grading is capable of improving students’ learning outcomes, metacognition and critical thinking and, at the same time, it can support formative assessment, saving teacher’s time and providing fast feedback, especially for large classes. In this paper we report the results of an experiment where a technology supported peer grading exercise has been assigned to students within a University course on calculus and linear algebra. To improve the reliability of students’ grades, several approaches have been experimented and the obtained results have been compared to grades coming from the teacher. Moreover, we attempted to understand how the peer grading task has contributed to reinforce the development of student’s explanation and argumentation processes

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Albano, G., Capuano, N., & Pierri, A. (2017). Adaptive Peer Grading and Formative Assessment. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 13(1).