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In 2002, the University of Florence Medical School developed an e-learning
project aimed at creating an online Curriculum in Medicine and Surgery as
a support to conventional teaching. From the early phases of the project,
one of the major difficulties that had to be faced was the acquisition, on
the part of teachers, of the knowledge and abilities needed to interact
with students and to produce courses in the e-learning mode. To solve
this problem the Florence Medical School deemed it necessary to provide
the teaching staff with a typology of easily codified, re-usable and explicit
knowledge template, appropriately suitable for Information Technology.
To achieve this aim a «people to document» Knowledge Management
approach, described in this paper, was adopted. This consisted in the
planning and realization of a multi-medial virtual laboratory to furnish a
knowledge-base from which teachers could extract elements of knowledge.
This paper also describes how the database can start a virtuous circle of
knowledge creation that amplifles the intellectual capital of the Faculty.
The number of online courses already activated in the Florence Medical
School provides evidence of the fact that Knowledge Management is a
discipline applicable not only to business communities but also to other
organizational settings, of which the academic one is a good example.

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Masoni, M., Guelfi, M. R., Conti, A., & Gensini, G. F. (2012). Knowledge Management nel Progetto E-learning della Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia dell’Università di Firenze. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 1(3).