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The paper presents an investigation aimed at validating the hypothesis that the teaching workshops in teacher training degree courses, in which videos are used as a supporting strategy, can foster the development of students’ professional vision.
Since several studies highlighting the advantages of the use of videos exist, yet there is less literature that describe the educational procedures to be used, the aim of the research is to present a tried-and-tested curriculum for teacher professionalization that involves, over the time span of 5 years of initial training, the alternation of theoretical lectures, internships, and workshops in which the use of videos has specific goals each year.
The research is framed within a qualitative approach using a control group, post-test only quasi-experimental method to address the effectiveness and the impact of the use of video recordings during a prospective teacher training program. The research involved students from the University of Macerata as the experimental group and students from different Italian universities as the control group.

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Rossi, P. G., Fedeli, L., Biondi, S., Magnoler, P., Bramucci, A., & Lancioni, C. (2015). The use of video recorded classes to develop teacher professionalism: the experimentation of a curriculum. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 11(2).

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