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Which are the concrete competencies for the third millennium teacher invested with the hard mission of educating the 21st century citizens? The present article features the main international frameworks on teachers’ ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) competencies. These frameworks have been analyzed from a procedural point of view; the procedures considered are the ones which characterise the Instructional design process as described by the ISO IEC 19796-1 standard.
The main focus of the article is on the framework developed by Unesco with the ICT-CFT (ICT – Competencies Framework for Teachers) project; we also discuss how the variety of competencies identified by the international frameworks may be brought back to the UNESCO framework.


ICT Competency Framework Standard UNESCO ICT CST Standard ISO IEC 19796-1 Localization 21st Century Competencies

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Battigelli, S., Marmorato, L., Messina, I., & Sugliano, A. M. (2010). Competency frameworks for the use of ICT at School: from the ISO IEC 19796-1 Standard to the Unesco ICT-CST Italian localization. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 6(3).