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The University of Pavia has started an experimental project (Kiro Project) at the School of Pharmacy to improve the quality of learning through Web-based tools. Such a project, started in the second half of 2007, is now merging with a second one (Maieuta Project), starting on October 2008, with the aim to extend to all the students of the School of Pharmacy the advantages of blended and interactive learning. The paper presents the background and the methodological foundations of the project, the first results achieved, and the lines of pedagogical, management, and technological development which will make possible the extension of the initiative to the entire University.


Pilot Projects Kiro-Maieuta School of Pharmacy Blended Learning ICT

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Caldirola, E. (2009). Blended Learning: the Pilot Project of a School of Pharmacy. Journal of E-Learning and Knowledge Society, 4(3).