Vol 4, No 1 (2008)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society - Focus on Lifelong Learning

Table of Contents


Editorial: e-L4 Connection (e-Learning Lifelong Learning Connection) PDF
Giorgio Federici

Methodologies and scenarios

University and lifelong learning in Italy: policies and higher education and training systems integration PDF
Giorgio Federici, Giovanni Ragone
University for LifeLong Learnings PDF
Alberto Colorni, Stefano Menon, Aurelio Ravarini
Vocational training in Europe PDF
Ekkehard Nuissl
Lifelong learning: what role for e-learning 2.0? PDF
Antonio Calvani, Giovanni Bonaiuti, Antonio Fini


ICT and lifelong learning for senior citizens PDF
Manuela Repetto, Guglielmo Trentin
The influence of the organisational context on training motivation PDF
Adalgisa Battistelli
Technological Platforms for Lifelong Learning Projects: the Dimension of Time PDF
Luigi Colazzo, Andrea Molinari, Nicola Villa
Lifelong learning and e-learning 2.0: the contribution of usability studies PDF
Sara Rigutti, Gisella Paoletti, Anna Morandini
IntroOpenEd 2007: an experience on Open Education by a virtual community of teachers PDF
Antonio Fini, Andreas Formiconi, Alessandro Giorni, Nuccia Silvana Pirruccello, Elisa Spadavecchia, Emanuela Zibordi

Peer Reviewed Communications

Growth and development of Lifelong Learning European policies, the role of e-Learning and its programmes PDF
Chiara Mellini
Connectivism: new paradigm or fascinating pot-pourri? PDF
Antonio Calvani

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