Vol 7, No 1 (2011)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20368%2Fje-lks.v7i1

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Editorial Board Je-LKS
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Editorial Board Je-LKS


Editorial PDF
Nicola Villa

Invited Papers

Hints on how to improve mathematics instruction PDF
Flavia Colonna, Glenn Easley
The Lifelong Learning in the University: Learning Networks and Knowledge Transferring PDF
Pasquale Ardimento, Nicola Boffoli, Vito Nicola Convertini, Giuseppe Visaggio

Peer Reviewed Papers

Monitoring academic progress in a Faculty of Pharmacy PDF
Paola Perin, Elena Caldirola, Pacifico Cofrancesco, Amedeo Marini
How to evaluate the effectiveness of ICT in teaching PDF
Simone Paiano
Personalized e-learning in Moodle: the Moodle_LS System PDF
Carla Limongelli, Filippo Sciarrone, Giulia Vaste
Net generation and digital literacy: a short bibliographical review and some remarks PDF
Valentina Comba
Social networking as a university teaching tool: what are the benefts of using Ning? PDF
Antonella Martini, Maria Cinque
Non-standard Methodologies in the Evaluation of Online Interaction PDF
Angela Spinelli, Andrea Volterrani
ScribaLAB 2.0: an environment for digital writing PDF
Gianluca Tramontana, Nuccia Silvana Pirruccello
A study of the relationship between regulatory systems, assessment e locomotion, and online learning groups PDF
Alberto Mirisola, Vincenza Benigno, Antonella Chifari

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