Vol 8, No 2 (2012)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society: Focus on: Semantic Web and e-Learning

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20368%2Fje-lks.v8i2

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Second Cover PDF
Je-LKS Editorial Board
Third Cover PDF
Je-LKS Editorial Board


Editorial PDF
Luigi Colazzo, Nicola Villa

Invited Papers

Describe the documents from the search for the word to search for meaning PDF
Giorgio Poletti
Semantic Web and Internet of Things Supporting Enhanced Learning PDF
Giovanni Adorni, Mauro Coccoli, Ilaria Torre
Interlinking e-Learning Resources and the Web of Data for Improving Student Experience PDF
Antonella Carbonaro
Conversation-based Learning in the Social Semantic Web PDF
Giuseppina Rita Mangione, Francesco Orciuoli, Matteo Gaeta, Saverio Salerno
Semantic Technologies and e-Learning: towards an entity-centric approach for Learning Management Systems PDF
Paolo Bouquet, Andrea Molinari
Assets and intellectual capital management into the ETC project PDF
Paolo Maresca, Lidia Stanganelli, Ferdinando Gorga
A semantic approach implemented in a system recommending resources for cultural heritage tourism PDF
Pierpaolo Di Bitonto, Maria Laterza, Veronica Rossano, Teresa Roselli
e-Learning at the Coimbra Group Universities PDF
Task Force e-Learning Coimbra Group

Peer Reviewed Papers

Semantic Wiki: a collaborative tool for instructional content design PDF
Mauro Coccoli, Gianni Vercelli, Giuliano Vivanet
Qualitative research methods to analyze Learning 2.0 processes: Categorization, recurrence, saturation and multimedia triangulation PDF
Gustavo Daniel Costantino, Juliana Elisa Raffaghelli, Guadalupe Alvarez, Lourdes Moran
Organizational well-being in prison PDF
Giovanni Suriano, Elisa Suriano, Simona Guzzi

Peer Reviewed Communications

Semantic Web and evaluation of learning PDF
Corrado Amedeo Presti, Maria Angela Nicolosi

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