May 12, 2021


Claudia Giudici (Reggio Children and University of Modena and Reggio Emilia - Italy)
Nando Rinaldi (Istituzione Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres, Municipality of Reggio Emilia - Italy)

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Initial manuscripts due 16th August 2021
Full Issue published within 2021

Publication will follow an 'online first' approach. As soon as a paper is accepted, it will be published online. The full issue will be published as all the submitted papers are reviewed.



The submission for the permanent call is suspended until the end of this Special Issue Call.

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Italian ANVUR Ranking
A-Class for Sector 10, 11-D1 and 11-D2

Publish-or-Perish (2020)
- Scopus H-Index: 15
- Microsoft Academic H-Index: 15
- Google Scholar H-Index: 25

Scopus (from 2009; reference year: 2019; reference date: June 2020)
- Citescore (2019): 1.8
- CiteScore Rankings (2019) 
  - Education: Q2, 63rd percentile (#461 out of 1264);
 - Computer Science Application: Q3, 41st percentile (#373 out of 636);

Web of Science (from 2015; reference date: June 2020)
- H-Index: 7
- Average citation per Item: 1.57

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Vol 16 No 4 (2020): Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society - Special Issue on "Open Teaching"

Vol. 16, No 4 (2020)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society

Special Issue on "Open Teaching: research and practices on open, innovative and engaging pedagogies"

Published: Dec 31, 2020

Second Cover

Read Statistic: 97

Open teaching: research and practice on open, innovative and engaging pedagogies

I-IV Fabio Nascimbeni, Ulf-Daniel Ehlers
Read Statistic: 236

Open pedagogy practices: a case study in undergraduate education

1-10 Gigliola Paviotti, Ilaria D'Angelo, Catia Giaconi, Alessio Cavicchi
Read Statistic: 252

DEPIT application: open and shared digital artefacts for visible design

11-19 Chiara Laici, Maila Pentucci
Read Statistic: 188

Self-directed open educational practices for a decolonized South African curriculum: a process of localization for learning

20-28 Jako Olivier
Read Statistic: 602

An Open and Multi-Layer Web Platform for Higher Music Education

29-37 Adriano Baratè, Luca Andrea Ludovico
Read Statistic: 194

Wikipedia as OER: the “Learning with Wikipedia” project

38-45 Corrado Petrucco, Cinzia Ferranti
Read Statistic: 657

Start@unito as Open Educational Practice in Higher Education

46-55 Marina Marchisio, Sergio Rabellino, Matteo Sacchet
Read Statistic: 173

Making Open Educational Practices real. The case of “The Grand Challenge 2020”

56-66 Ulf-Daniel Ehlers
Read Statistic: 146

Student experiences of Open Educational Practices: a systematic literature review

67-75 Dr. Jo Axe, Dr. Elizabeth Childs, Dr. Irwin DeVries, Mr. Keith Webster
Read Statistic: 206

The impact of a Technology-based approach for the learning of Mathematics at secondary school level

76-85 Perienen Appavoo
Read Statistic: 259

Does the sequence of flipped and lecture-based classes affect the academic achievement and satisfaction of medical students?

86-93 Azadeh Shabani, Aeen Mohammadi, Rita Mojtahedzadeh, Ali Hosseini, Somayeh Valadkhani, Alireza Sistani, Shadi Asadzandi, Hamed Rashidi
Read Statistic: 145

Community of Inquiry (CoI) Framework and Course Design as Predictors of Satisfaction in Emergency Remote Teaching: Perspectives of Hospitality Management Students

94-103 Vidya Patwardhan, Shreelatha Rao, Thirugnanasambantham, Narayan Prabhu
Read Statistic: 416
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