Vol. 15, No. 3 (2019) - Learning Analytics: for a dialogue between teaching practices and educational research

Oct 15, 2019

Dear colleagues, we’re very glad to announce the No. 3, Vol. 15 (2019) of Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society (Je-LKS) is online.   We dedicate the issue of Je-LKS to the memory of our Director, Prof. Luigi Colazzo, that left us suddenly on last September.   This issue, with the Guest Editors Antonio Marzano (University of Salerno, Italy) and Antonella Poce (University Roma TRE, Italy) is titled  “Learning Analytics: for a dialogue between teaching practices and educational research”. In this special issue, we have worked to publish research initiatives related to LA and really in line with its principles, its ideas and its goals.   You can always have free access to our online publications but if you are a paper lover or if you need to share Je-LKS with students or colleagues or simply to make an archive of original printed copies (as: libraries, research groups, authors, ...) please consider to subscribe our Printed Copies service. The subscription of the Printed Copies service will help us to partially face the costs of service.
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Call For Papers, Vol 16, No 1 - 2020 (January)

Aug 27, 2019

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Guest Editors: Mauro Coccoli (University of Genova, Italy), Paolo Maresca (University Federico II, Napoli, Italy) and Andrea Molinari (University of Trento, Italy)

Important dates: Initial manuscripts due November, 30th, 2019

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Vol 15 No 3 (2019): Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society - Focus on: Learning Analytics: for a dialogue between teaching practices and educational research

Volume 15, No 3 (2019)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society
Focus on: Learning Analytics: for a dialogue between teaching practices and educational research

Published: Oct 15, 2019

Second Cover

1-4 Managing Editor
Read Statistic: 13

In memory of Luigi Colazzo

5-6 Nicola Villa
Read Statistic: 24


7-10 Antonio Marzano, Antonella Poce
Read Statistic: 7

Disciplinary and didactic profiles in the EduOpen network MOOCs

11-27 Bojan Fazlagic, Luciano Cecconi
Read Statistic: 12

The Design of a Learning Analytics Dashboard: EduOpen Mooc platform redefinition procedures

29-47 Anna Dipace, Bojan Fazlagic, Tommaso Minerva
Read Statistic: 34

Boosting up Data Collection and Analysis to Learning Analytics in Open Online Contexts: an Assessment Methodology

49-59 Marina Marchisio, Sergio Rabellino, Fabio Roman, Matteo Sacchet, Daniela Salusso
Read Statistic: 55

The presence and role of assessment in UNIMORE MOOCs

61-74 Luciano Cecconi, Bojan Fazlagic
Read Statistic: 12

Learning Analytics to improve Formative Assessment strategies

75-88 Alice Barana, Alberto Conte, Cecilia Fissore, Marina Marchisio, Sergio Rabellino
Read Statistic: 31

Use of Learning Analytics in formative and summative evaluation

89-99 Carlo Palmiero, Luciano Cecconi
Read Statistic: 11

Learning Analytics to support learners and teachers: the navigation among contents as a model to adopt

101-116 Sergio Miranda, Rosa Vegliante
Read Statistic: 21

How to use assessment data collected through writing activities to identify participants’ Critical Thinking levels

117-133 Maria Rosaria Re, Francesca Amenduni, Carlo De Medio, Mara Valente
Read Statistic: 16

Data management in Learning Analytics: terms and perspectives

135-144 Claudia Bellini, Annamaria De Santis, Katia Sannicandro, Tommaso Minerva
Read Statistic: 24

Predictive model selection for completion rate in Massive Open Online Courses

145-159 Annamaria De Santis, Katia Sannicandro, Claudia Bellini, Tommaso Minerva
Read Statistic: 22

University Dropout Prediction through Educational Data Mining Techniques: A Systematic Review

161-182 Francesco Agrusti, Gianmarco Bonavolontà, Mauro Mezzini
Read Statistic: 40

Reflecting A… “Bit”. What Relationship Between Metacognition And ICT?

183-195 Alessia Cadamuro, Elisa Bisagno, Chiara Pecini, Loris Vezzali
Read Statistic: 12

An agnostic monitoring system for Italian as second language online learning

197-210 Gerardo Fallani, Stefano Penge, Paola Carmelina Piera Tettamanti
Read Statistic: 25

Data-Driven Modeling of Engagement Analytics for Quality Blended Learning

211-225 Nan Yang, Patrizia Ghislandi, Juliana Raffaghelli, Giuseppe Ritella
Read Statistic: 23

User ratings as a predictor of linguistic feedback quality in Question and Answer portals

227-237 Simone Torsani
Read Statistic: 9

A Social Network Analysis approach to a Digital Interactive Storytelling in Mathematics

239-250 Maria Polo, Umberto Dello Iacono, Giuseppe Fiorentino, Anna Pierri
Read Statistic: 11

Learning Analytics - Scientific Description and Heuristic Validation of Languages NLG

251-261 Ritamaria Bucciarelli, Roberto Capone, Francesco Saverio Tortoriello, Marianna Greco, Giulia Savarese, Javier Enriquez
Read Statistic: 3

Learning analytics in online social interactions. The case of a MOOC on ‘language awareness’ promoted by the European Commission

263-286 Letizia Cinganotto, Daniela Cuccurullo
Read Statistic: 19

Improving learning with augmented: a didactic re-mediation model from [email protected] Digitale 3.6

287-300 Marta De Angelis, Angelo Gaeta, Francesco Orciouli, Mimmo Parente
Read Statistic: 29

Improving schools’ setting and climate: what role for the National Operative Programme? Some empirical insights from a Learning Analytics perspective

301-318 Rosalba Manna, Samuele Calzone, Rocco Palumbo
Read Statistic: 16

Which Learning Analytics for a socio-constructivist teaching and learning blended experience?

319-329 Nadia Sansone, Donatella Cesareni
Read Statistic: 16
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