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- Google Scholar H-Index: 30

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- Citescore (2020): 1.9
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- H-Index: 10
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Vol 18 No 1 (2022): Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society - Regular Issue N. 1/2022

Vol 18 No 1 (2022)

Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society - Regular Issue N. 1/2022

Regular Issue

Published: Apr 30, 2022

Second Cover

Read Statistic: 47

Participation and feedback as motivational triggers: insights from online students’ approach to learning

1-10 Laura Fedeli
Read Statistic: 268

Modelling academic delivery challenges during COVID-19: a binary logistic approach

11-22 Seena Biju, Bhakti More, Selvamalar Armathlingam, Murthy VPS Veluri, Siti Nurakmar Sh Ismail
Read Statistic: 179

From technologies for a few to technologies for all: analysis of inclusive technologies perception in teachers in training

23-33 Valentina Pennazio, Franco Bochicchio
Read Statistic: 112

The impacts of integrated e-Learning system toward the challenges facing education sector during and post Covid-19 pandemic

34-44 Yusuff Adejare
Read Statistic: 195

Technological Pedagogical Content Design (TPCD) for a User-centered website: a case study in Finland

45-58 Zahra Hosseini, Kimmo Hytönen, Jani Kinnunen
Read Statistic: 111

The impact of Facebook usage in education on students’ academic performance at the University of Jordan

59-74 Suzan Yousef, Khalil Yousef
Read Statistic: 564

University climate in distance education contexts: developing an assessment instrument

75-86 Felini Damiano, Elisa Zobbi
Read Statistic: 100

Full enforcement of e-Learning during first movement control operation of COVID-19 pandemic: are Malaysian university students ready?

87-93 Nor Azilah Husin, Norfadzilah Abdul Razak, Muhammad Saiful Hanif Khairi, Nurul Syazana Mohamad Nazeri
Read Statistic: 108

Does teaching metacognitive skills through peer-conducted flipped classroom improve high school students’ self-regulation?

94-100 Aeen Mohammadi, Melika Mohammadi, Nazanin Zahra Keshvari, Rita Mojtahedzadeh, Shadi Asadzandi, Bahareh Rahimifar Tehrani
Read Statistic: 181

Effective triage training for nurses: comparison of face to face, pamphlet, and multimedia training

101-106 Ali Hosseini, Rita Mojtahedzadeh, Aeen Mohammadi, Mitra Gharib, shadi Asadzandi
Read Statistic: 91

The project-based method to promote competence-based education. A case study in teaching computer science in Italian secondary school

107-115 Silvio Giaffredo, Luisa Mich, Marco Ronchetti
Read Statistic: 92
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